you can you will – by joel osteen – book review

in you can, you will, by joel osteen will reveal the eight personal and spiritual principles that will help you achieve god’s divine purpose for your life.

i was immediately attracted to the energy and encouraging message of his words. this is my first book from joel, i’m not a big reader of religious writer’s.


  1. keep your vision in front of you – dare to dream big dreams.
  2. run your race – focus on your unique course and goals.
  3. expect good things – anticipate great opportunities.
  4. have a positive mind-set – take control of your thoughts and attitudes.
  5. commit to excellence – do your best and maintain high standards.
  6. keep growing – be proactive, be intentional, build on your gifts, and continually improve.
  7. serve others – invest yourself in others.
  8. stay passionate – light the fire within and approach life with enthusiasm.


the best thing about this book is the “actionable” items given the reader. it is super easy to take what you are reading and putting it into action!


this positive mindset is a recurring theme through the book–face problems with a can-do attitude and avoid victim-hood thinking at all costs. a winner should not give in to negative thoughts, and even not associate with those who are negative influences. avoid those negative anchors, because they are likely impeding your drive to achieving great things.

now is your time. this is your moment. you’re talented enough. you’re smart enough. god made you that way. you are not lacking. you’re fully equipped.

everyone has a winner inside them. it’s time to break out the winner in you!



this is definitely must read!

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