5 things that change when you quit sugar

  1. your energy levels will increaselump-sugar-549096_1280
  • all the extra sugar we are adding to our diets prevent our bodies ability to keep our energy stores at maximal levels
  • there will be no up-and-down with your blood sugar, so afternoon crashes will become an experience of the past
  1. your weight will stabilize
  • sugar makes you crave more sugar
  • most sugar comes from highly processed or items that contain a high amount of unwanted ingredients (exception of fruit)
  • by doing a sugar detox your body will not need to deal with all those additional calories
  1. your internal organs will perform more efficiently
  • if your insides could speak they’d say feed me lots of fiber and a minimum amount of tough-to-digest, impure foods
  • when you remove these non-nutritious impure foods you enable your tummy and bowels to focus on processing the good food you’ve eaten
  • when you initially remove sugar – you’ll find that you may go to bathroom more often
  1. you’ll want sugar less and less
  • when you remove it from your diet, you’ll slowly loose the desire to eat anything with sugar in it
  • fruit may actually taste sweeter
  1. glowing skin 
  • sugar hurts your skin from the inside out
  • it’s been noted that your skin clears up should you suffer from blemishes or acne

 ready to make a change

  • start small by evaluating everything you’re eating and drinking.
  • if you’re addicted to sugar laced soda, scale back by reducing a little each day. lets say you tend to have 4 sodas a day, on day 1 of your detox, stop at 3 cans, a few days later stop at 2 cans etc… then, scale back some more.
  • before you know it, you’ve eliminated a sugar laced item. then start with the next item(s) on your list.
  • over time, you will physiologically adjust to your new habits.
  • remember it takes about 21 days to change a habit/start a new one.

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