my journey, 21 day fix extreme – day 1

every day i get to wake up is  – beautiful, today’s journey is the first of 21 days to a healthier me!

life is too short not to be at your best, today I am taking a step to be healthier!

portion controlled meals – actually are they controlled?, nah!

it’s just the way we are suppose to eat! clean, small portions throughout the day. i decided to follow the competition meal plan, so its much stricter than the regular eating plan (so no dairy, no wine 😦 etc…) but that is ok – this is what i need for me! yes, i’m putting myself first for the first time in as long as i can remember!

i will not feel guilty, instead i will look at it, as making myself healthier – it’s a gift to not only me, but my family and friends!

i’m a little sore, but not too bad, first hard core workout since late october, feeling relaxed and most importantly tummy is full.

here’s a collage of day 1….

My Journey Collage

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