my journey, 21 day fix extreme – day 2

today, was another good day…not great but good! it was cloudy and rainy – so not good for my mood…

lower body a little sore to start off the day, but workout was upper body – so i had to just suck it up! i want to be bikini ready for spring break, so i just have to do it. i also added 10 minute hardcore after the main workout. all core – hurt so bad and yet so good, knowing what it’s going to do LOL

chose the competition meal plan, definitely need to make a different protein for the 2nd day (it’s two days competition meal plan, then 1 day extreme meal plan, then back to two days of competition meal plan and repeat for 21 days). so fish for the majority of the day for 2 days, not very appealing for me…so need to plan thursday now

i was definitely hungry this morning, which is a bit unusual for me, but once again, it’s overall too much food, so unfortunately i just couldn’t do the last meal. i know how important it is not to miss a meal, but this meal plan is definitely for me a lot of food. (you are probably saying well you skipped the last meal yesterday and you just mentioned waking up hungry – hhhhhmmmmm could it be you skipped a scheduled meal – yes, i thought the same thing!)

i did have a smoothie for one of my meals instead of the fish, which was great!

i’m looking forward to my meals for tomorrow -oatmeal for breakfast, fruit & turkey lettuce wraps – YUMMY!

My Journey Collage Day 2

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