Want to Transform your health and fitness?

21 day fix ad www.facebook.com-CoachGladys.HealthFitne


I’M LOOKING FOR 25 LADIES that want to completely TRANSFORM and sculpt their bodies like never before. You won’t need ANY complicated equipment… NO heavy weights… NO long hours in a crowded gym.. And you don’t even need to leave your house!! Sounds AMAZING,right?

Share just 30 minutes of your day with me and we’ll sculpt your body and learn to portion control with our super easy, fun and custom portion control eating system. NO counting calories! NO counting points! NO starving yourself! I focus on EATING CLEAN for maximum results!
This challenge starts Monday, July, 13th 2015 and will include a ‘prep week’ starting July 6th. You can be anywhere in Canada or the US to join my Challenge Group. All workouts are done in the comfort of your own home on your own time. You’ll have ME as your personal coach… walking you through every step of the program on a daily basis!

If you can commit to changing your life… and making this summer your healthiest yet.. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! I’m looking for 25 Ladies who are SERIOUS about changing their life… who want to get stronger… healthier… and feeling better than ever! This program is NOT free… but includes:

– A complete 21 day home workout kit with DVDs
– 7 color coded portion control containers
– Complete custom meal plan designed for your 21 Day Challenge
– Bonus 3 Day custom plan to quickly get you picture or beach ready when you are short on time.
– Shakeology to help kill all your chocolate and carb cravings
– Shaker cup you can take anywhere
– ME as your personal coach
– access to my private, VIP LIFETIME support group
– A free 21 Day Fix T-shirt when you finish and send in your results!
– 30 day trial to “Beachbody on Demand” – Stream $2000 worth of workout programs from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc!

I’ve helped over so many women achieve amazing results and I’d love to help you too!!! If you are interested please add me as a friend at www.facebook.com/CoachGladys.HealthFitness4Life or email me coachgladyshernandez@gmail.com

AND send me a message that says “SAVE ME A SPOT!” … space is very limited!!

First come first IN! Let’s do this!

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