It’s Sunday – you know what that means in my household – It’s meal prep day!

meal prep Cover Image

1. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time. Meal preparation allows you to pick all the necessary sources of foods that you will need and have them available. This reassures the body (especially when eating meals on a routine schedule each day) that it will have the safe fuels it needs, thereby preventing it from turning to blood-sugar for fuel. And, without having to think too much during the day about food (having meals with you), you know you aren’t short of anything your body needs, whether that is maintaining a healthy fat content or protein and carbohydrate ratio. You have already planned that out.

2. Eat Every 2-3 Hours. Eating every 2-3 hours increases metabolism (fat-burning) by feeding muscle and starving fat and gives the body the assurance that it will not starve. When the body thinks it might starve, it stores fat just in case that next meal never comes. (When starting out, it is helpful to set a timer for meal-time reminders so that you don’t skip a meal). I use the App 3 hour diet and love it!
Remember to pack enough meals for the day.

3. Drink your water – The body loses water continuously when we sweat and by excretion and respiration so we must replace the moisture lost. Yes, I prep my water too, I like infusing my water with fruits and herbs to change it up. I also make fun notations on the gallon of water to keep me motivated throughout the day.

Are you meal prepping today? Share your meal prep tips with the group…


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