saving money by growing your own veggies

I get told all the time, I want to eat healthier but it’s just too expensive. I have provided many tips on saving when shopping at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. today, I’ll take this a step further and provide tips on growing just a few items in your own home!





Plant an onion which has begun to sprout, at a depth of approximately 1/2″ deep. Place it in a sunny spot, water sparingly as you want to make sure the root does not rot. Once the onion bottom has developed a few leaves, remove from the pot. 

Remove old onion scales.

Separate plants as needed by slicing between plants and leaving a portion of the roots attached.  You may have more than 1 plant develop from a single onion bottom.

Replant in a prepared growing bed.

Cut leaves down to 1/3 of the size to allow the bulb to develop.  This might seem harsh, but the onion will regrow those leaves with less stress.

Repeat the process.  Harvest as green onions or fully developed mature onions.




Make a hole approximately 2″ deep. plant the clove with its root down. after a couple of weeks you’ll see new young leaves appear (just like the onion). Water often enough so the soil stays moist, but not wet. In about a week or two you should see garlic shoots coming through the soil. Wait until they get a couple of inches tall before you start snipping them with a scissors. Leave about an inch of shoot on each clove so the shoot will continue to grow. You will also want to cut back on watering a couple of weeks before you harvest your garlic. When the leaves begin to yellow, cut back on watering. The rule of thumb is to harvest your garlic when the bottoms of the leaves are beginning to turn yellow.





Along with it’s root, set the lettuce in a bowl of water. The water should be changed everyday. Occasionally spray the leaves. Set in a sunny spot, lettuce grows quickly, in just a few days you’ll have new leaves.




Similarly to the lettuce, place the root in water. Place in a sunny spot, change the water everyday and you should see new leaves popping up in a few days. Spray with water every other week or so to keep it fresh.

Happy Gardening, share how your gardening adventure goes…

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