6 tips for a better Meal Prep Sunday!

  1. Plan your weekly meals ahead of time calendar

To avoid skipping meals, or just grabbing whatever is in reach, plan and schedule your meals in advance. On a budget? Plan around what is on sale at your local grocery store by using their ads (most stores have their ads available on their website)

  1. Make a grocery list and stick to it

Using your plan from #1 determine how much protein, low starch carbs, high starch carbs and purchase in bulk if possible. You’ll also shop smarter when planning ahead so you are not grabbing stuff at the grocery store you shouldn’t or not need.

Also, never shop when you are hungry – you’ll more likely to grab items you shouldn’t when you are.

  1. Prepare food once/twice a week

Cook Prep all your weekly meals over a few hours on Sunday afternoon or Sunday/Wednesday afternoon/evening.

  1. Quality Containers

Having enough containers is a must, quality is also important to avoid messes or ‘food burn’. Make sure you have enough containers based on #1 for example if you have 6 meals a day and you have to pack them all you’ll need 42 containers. I usually place my snacks in small plastic bags so I only need 28 actual containers and 14 size snack zipper bags (I can usually reuse these for a while).

  1. Organize your fridge IMG_3167

I like to organize my food by week day so it’s easy to grab, pack and go in the morning. I also label each of the containers with a post it with day of the week and/or time!

  1. Bringing Meals with you – cooler

Invest in a spacious cooler (I prefer one that collapses, so it’s not taking up too much space when not in use) and ice packs that can be reused.

meal prep Cover Image

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