Meal Prep Sunday

weekend prep

  1. Build a Strategy – Plan your breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinner and then build your Grocery List
  2. Functional Containers – easy to stack in the fridge, as well as when empty, are microwaveable, freezer and dishwasher safe
  3. Don’t go crazy with complicated recipes: Also figure out which are your toughest/tightest times in the day – if it’s breakfast then opt for a shake or prepare overnight oats both are easy to grab and go in the morning
  4. Cook with a repurpose – What? Here’s what I mean I’ll make Turkey chili one night and then use the left overs the next night to top off wheat pasta or create a quick taco night. One meal just made 2 nights of dinner
  5. Chop Ahead: for example I prep all my afternoon meals on Sundays. Then I chop ahead for dinner meals that are made each night or every other night. I’ll have all the peppers, onions, garlic etc ready to go in containers. I just have to grab and fire up the stove
  6. If Meal prepping seems overwhelming start with prepping one ‘meal’ meaning prep your morning snacks, lunch & afternoon snacks and then as you get the hang of it prep other meals in advance.
  7. You’ve seen my obsession lately with all my spiralizer recipe posts – but I highly recommend investing in one – they are inexpensive and can turn any dinner into a fun meal that is fast and easy to pull together. Grilled chicken with sliced zucchini for dinner can turn into a pesto grilled chicken zucchini pasta meal!
  8. Know your Veggies – when prepping not every Veggie can be prepped on Sunday and expected to last until Friday. For example Zucchini and Cucumbers have a high water content they’re not a good candidate for spiralizer on Sunday to late in the week.
  9. Budget friendly – remember #1, the strategy – build around what is on sale that week from your local grocery store (for me that means I meal plan on Thursdays which is when I get the advertisement and see what Produce, Fish, Meats and Poultry is on sale) – we also have items we only buy in bulk -it might seem like a lot of $$, but the unit price drops dramatically – we tend to do this with our chicken, meat and fish.
  10. Meal prepping doesn’t have to take all day – for me it usually averages 2 hours on Sunday afternoon, but it took me a while to get this organized, in order to save time. Things that need to be boiled go first for example (this way while the water is warming up, I’m dicing or seasoning etc). Once items that need to be cooked are in the cooking stage I organize the containers and label them (Monday – Friday). I those containers in order, so as I serve out the portions, I can go down the line of containers and fill them up! I’m a creature of habit, so I usually pick one protein for lunch for the week and just change out the sides to make it entertaining. This also helped with how much cooking I had to do and how long it takes to prep.

until next time – Cheers!

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