why i eat clean!

why i eat clean

Why eat clean? The most important reason is the impact it has on your health. But another good reason to eat clean is that it can help you lose weight. A couple years ago I was getting super frustrated because I was working out like crazy but I wasn’t losing any weight. At that point I revamped my daily meals and began to only  eat “clean” and watch ALL my portions, that’s when the weight started to come off. So believe me, what you eat has a huge impact on how you look. Below are my top 6 reasons to incorporate eating clean into your life:

  1. weight – watch it drop off/maintenance
  2. eliminating man made chemicals (reduces the chances of cancer dramatically)
  3. significantly lower the risk of diabetes
  4. feeling energized all day long
  5. beautiful glowing skin, hair and nails
  6. positivity

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