6 techniques to remove negative energy – positive and loving energy brings happiness

6 techniques to abolish negative energy

negative energy can be everywhere and in everything. it’s up to us to find ways to fend off these fatiguing, depressing, draining emotions that others can infect us with. people can be fragile and volatile at the same time.


if you are one of the many people who turn to belief in dire times, regardless of whatever religion, if any religion at all, it can help in a very powerful way. it is your belief that restores happiness to your mind and body


going to the ocean, spreading your toes out in the sand, and gazing upon the vastness before you is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in pure happiness. walking along a beautiful pathway in a park is like having the world be your personal therapist. listening to birds or having waves crash can clear your head.

being grounded

there is a technique known as “grounding” and it means to simply focus on the sensation of your feet on the ground.


smudging sage is essentially letting the smoke purify your home, as well as yourself, of any negative energy that may be present. by burning sage all around your personal space, you create a sanctuary that is built only for positive and loving energies. the sage clears the home and you to allow positive energy in.


play spiritual music  dissipate unfavorable energy. this will help clear your mind, body and soul.

music is also great for clearing negative energy in a space, open up your windows and play spiritual music loud, this will help dissipate the energy.


getting yourself up and moving, sweating allows you to focus on yourself and sets you up for a day of structure and positivity. exercise gives us happy endorphin’s and brighten our day!


friday beauty tip – 17 uses for coconut oil

thought this infographic was great way to share how coconut oil can be added to our beauty routine!






my journey, 21 day fix extreme – day 10

crazy busy day today, but again, the planning is the key – thank goodness for sunday meal prepping – it is definitely saving me this week. almost half way there! loving the changes occurring with my body

My Journey Collage Day 10

my journey, 21 day fix extreme – day 9

sore, sore, sore – push ups – AAAAHHHHHH

but happy i’m on track, eating right, regardless of how crazy the day was today! – sunday meal prepping has become the answer to maintain my nutrition in check!

My Journey Collage Day 9

my journey, 21 day fix extreme – day 8

plyo extreme today!

wonderful workout, sweaty, sore and feeling accomplished! weighed myself as i am starting week 2 of my 21 day fix extreme fitness program.

excited as heck to know that i have lost 5.1 pounds and i know the inches are coming off and i’m toning up….this is an amazing journey and every bit of it is positive, regardless of how sore i feel!

My Journey Collage


my journey, 21 day fix extreme – day 7

yoga extreme, what a wonderful way to start off my sunday

30 minutes of continuous stretching and holding poses that just made me feel so much better. it’s a great way to not only start the day but end the first week of my 21 day fix extreme challenge.

sunday, is also my meal prep day for the week. love getting as much of my meals prepared, cooked and packaged for the week.

wishing everyone a beautiful sunday!

My Journey Collage Day 7

my journey, 21 day fix extreme – day 4

17 days to go!

feeling lighter, less bloating, lots of energy! woohoo! leg day, love leg day (sarcasm)…it was definitely a tough workout. didn’t touch the lighter weights. went all out on 20# and as the day progressed boy was i regretting the choice of 20# for the full 30 minute workout LOL

yes, i am walking funny, or shall i say it’s the penguin walk (just like the penguins from one of my favorite disney movies – mary poppins). yeap that’s me, walking funny. but i know that all the soreness is worth the outcome. i’m looking forward to beautiful toned legs, on the beach getting a tan with my amazing new (tbd) bikini (my reward for sticking it out for 21 days of the competition meal plan).

My Journey Collage Day 4